Why That Book Should Be Thrown In the Trash


I am a book lover. I don’t remember learning to read, I just remember always having books.  As such, it pains me to throw away a book.  But some books just aren’t worth reading.  They are a waste of your precious time. How do you know?  Let’s take a look.

Multiple typing and grammatical errors in the first few pages.  If the author didn’t care, why should you?
-Its a summer romance.  Drop it now!  If you must read romance, try historical or a classic, not something referred to by most people as “trashy.”
-The characters are flat, trite or boring.
-The plot is poorly crafted and full of plot-holes.
-Its just plain boring.  You’ve read 2 chapters and you’re still yawning.
-It’s superficial.  It lacks substance.  It doesn’t make you think.

Now, I can hear you saying, “But Nicole, why not just give it to someone else?” No.  Would you give spoiled meat to your neighbor? Books are food for the soul. Why would you want to pass on something that is junk food at best and complete poison at worst?

I’m sure I’ll take some flack for picking on romance novels, but here’s the thing: much like erotica, a lot of it is just poorly written and yet somehow makes it past the editors and onto the shelf.  My good friend Kitty writes romance, and she doesn’t produce junk. But be discerning. Choose wisely.

There are some really great books out there.  I happen to love fantasy and JRR Tolkien and George RR Martin are at the top of my list.  Wonderfully written, well edited, compelling characterfile000182787824s, and intricate plots. With such incredible books out there, why waste your time on literary Twinkies? You could be having New York style cheesecake!


Reading is important.  It increases your vocabulary, stimulates empathy, and opens your mind to new worlds and new ideas.  Make it quality.  Make it count.  Don’t waste your time on literary junk food.

Read healthy.

Originally posted 2015-09-25 07:54:10.

5 thoughts on “Why That Book Should Be Thrown In the Trash

  1. Kitty Bucholtz

    Thanks for the kind remark about my books, Nicole! 🙂 I do agree about literary Twinkies…I can’t do it either, unless I need something to read myself to sleep. Haha! I can’t read a Jim Butcher book before falling asleep because I read waaayy too long and don’t get enough sleep! Haha!

    You know, I was just thinking when you mentioned Tolkien and Martin…my middle name is Rose. Maybe doubling my middle initial will increase book sales by Kitty RR Bucholtz. LOL!!!

    1. nmackeywriter@gmail.com Post author

      I love it! And you are so welcome. Well I guess the occasional Twinkie for a midnight snack won’t kill you, lol. Thanks for visiting.


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