What I Am Learning Pt. 2

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I have just finished up the second module in Tribe Writers 2.0. This module has been a lot of help. My worldview is coming into focus and I’m learning how to apply it to various topics.

It was actually quite a lot of hard work and wrestling to get that accomplished. At first, I was very resistant. I actually skipped the exercises and had to force myself to go back and do them. No matter how I tried, I just couldn’t see what kind of worldview a fiction writer could have that would matter.

Actually, I thought it was dumb.

It’s not as if I was writing a non-fiction book, teaching people how to do something. My worldview was not likely to tie in with my fiction novels, I thought.

But I went ahead and filled out the exercises as best I could, and continued on. The next lesson gave me a little more insight, a little more clarity. By the third lesson I could see how I could make all of this work. It was a real break through.

Next came Module 2. I am currently doing the Intentional Blog lessons concurrently with the Tribe Writers 2.0 lessons. So I wrote about 7 possible blog articles over 2 weeks and came up with ideas for a couple more. I am definitely keeping busy.

Module 2 covered:

  • Establishing Your Platform
  • Why You Need a Blog
  • Consistently Creating Content
  • Platform Personalities
  • Focusing Your Platform
  • Write the Perfect Blog Post
  • Headlines

Platform Personalities was a little tricky. There are 5 possibilities: Prophet, Professor, Artist, Journalist and Star. I could see myself using any of these. As a novelist I should probably go with the Artist, but when I read my articles they sound more like a teacher or Professor to me. I’d love to get some feedback on that.

The other one that was surprisingly challenging was writing a good headline. A lot goes into it. Every time I thought I had a good one, I would run it through Co-Scheduler’s Headline Analyzer, but I only got an A once. Mostly, I got B+’s. If you know me at all, you know that is frustrating the heck outta me!

Problems this week

I’ve been having ongoing issues with the audio and video portions of the course. My suspicion is that it’s my computer, not Tribe Writers. I did contact them, however, and they are making the transcripts of the videos available. Problem solved!

My other problem is the lack of interaction on the forums right now. I realize everyone has busy lives and just trying to do the course is challenging enough. But I was looking forward to the sense of community I have on my Facebook pages. It’s not really there. Sometimes my posts don’t even get a single response. However, I did find the Tribe Writers and Tribe Writers:Fiction Writers FB groups, so I am excited about that.

Overall, this has been a positive experience. I am learning so much and pushing myself in new ways. I can’t wait to see what is in store for Module 3.

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