Tears flood my eyes and I have no reason

No words to tell you what is wrong

I hide my face

I brush away the evidence of my weakness

My disease.

Once again I’ve lost control of this ship

The waves pound against the hull, and take me

Places I really don’t want to go.

All I long for are peaceful seas

Days where I can move freely and do what I want to do

Instead of these days bound in chains

Locked in the hold, unable to escape

The fear.

The waves crash over the deck

Drowning everything and everyone

Sweeping them out to sea in a rage

And I am left alone


Unable to move, unable to free myself

I cry out for help, but no one can hear me

Did I really call out?

Or is it only a dream?

When the wind rises, it whips my voice away

Out into the night, where no one can hear

I am silenced.

I long for the comfort of others

But the chains are tight and I cannot reach out

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