My Tribe Writers Journey Part 3

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I have been plodding my way through Module 3, while I also do the 30 day Plan Your Novel Course by Beth and Ezra Barany.  It’s a full plate and I’m moving through the Tribe Writers portion rather more slowly than I would like.

What Module 3 covers

Expanding Your Reach

Email List Essentials

Creating Your Manifesto

Building a Personal Network

Making Bold Asks

Launching Your Manifesto

Post-Launch Action Plan

Guest Posting

Twitter Power Tactics

Facebook Power Tactics

So far I have completed up to Guest Posting.  I’ve both written guest posts and hosted guests on my blog. Now I need to expand this and start thinking bigger. There are some other things I need to do as well.

Get my short story collection published

Finish, format and publish my manifesto

Follow more blogs and do more guest posting

Set some crazy goals for places to attempt guest posting

Looks like I am going to have a busy weekend!

I learned a couple of useful things in Expanding Your Reach and Email Essentials. I added a scroll box to my page and started a weekly email newsletter for my subscribers. They get more behind the scenes information about what I am working on and will be the first to get new books, like The Loup Garou and Other Tales. I also quadrupled my number of subscribers.

The Most Challenging Thing

The most challenging part of Module 3 was writing my manifesto. What is a manifesto? According to Jeff Goins, it is a short, often shareable, statement of purpose. This brought me back to the old conundrum of what do I need this for, I’m a fiction writer! My purpose is to write stories!
Well, that is true, but I want to do more than that. I want to help people live vibrant, abundant lives.  That includes providing them with vibrant, well-written stories, but it is so much more.  So I poured all that more into a manifesto, which I will be making available in the near future to my email subscribers.  It’s easy as pie to subscribe. See that box over to the right of the page? Just fill it in and bam! You’re done.

I’m still struggling with whether or not this is the right path for a fiction writer.  Writing stories is what I want to do more than anything, and all this is taking time away from that goal. But I am going to persevere through the course, and re-evaluate when I am done.  In the meantime, November will be all about the fiction as I take on Nanowrimo and attempt to write 50,000 words in 30 days! Wish me luck.

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