Finding Hope and Peace in Community

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“I need a topic for my blog.”
“What are you feeling right now, tonight? That’s usually a good place to start,” my friend replied.

This next part is the best part. Do you know what I was able to tell him? I feel peaceful and content. Peaceful and content! I could not have said that a few short weeks ago. Back then I was struggling. Every day was a battle. The darkness was winning. Click To Tweet

Now, the sun is shining again. What happened?

Well, I made a few, small changes and I had the help of a wonderful community.

First, I set up alarms to remind me to take my meds. It has been working great. I have only missed one dose since I started. Having my meds at the same time every day has helped stabilize my moods.

Second, I started feeding myself healthier meals. Still not doing perfectly at this, but at least breakfast is always nutritious.

Third, I decided to start writing every day again. This was a struggle. I couldn’t find the words or the motivation. I would just stare at the screen. Then an amazing thing happened. People came to my aid.

One friend sent me a message with a little one or two line encouragement every morning. Another checked in on me every few days to see how it was going and keep my spirits up. A third invited me into an accountability group that is small and dedicated. (The one I was in before was too big to offer individual help.)My son nagged me about my word count. Other friends talked to me, asked how the book was coming and generally helped me focus outside of myself. They gave me opportunities to help and encourage them.

Community. Its an amazing thing. And it ought to be part of every wellness plan. Click To Tweet (If you’ve never heard about a wellness plan, you can read about it here.)

I feel so much better now, it is like I am a different person. I still struggle here and there, mostly because of the fibro fatigue

. But it is so much different. There is light and joy and hope and most importantly, a future.

Since you were all there for my darkness, I wanted to share the light with you, too. It’s warm and beautiful and oh, so full of hope.

So how are you feeling today? How I can I help you find hope?

Originally posted 2016-04-22 16:05:47.

2 thoughts on “Finding Hope and Peace in Community

  1. Marisa

    Wow. 🙂 Hey there Nicole, I followed you over here from Tribe Writers after seeing you around and wondering what kind of writing you might do. I found this post and read it, and it warmed my heart. It’s such a beautiful picture of how community can turn things around and breathe the life back into us when life gets really tough. I also loved how you showed the way that one person can set a wonderful upward spiral in train by doing a few simple but powerful things for themselves. Thanks for the spark of inspiration. Well done and best wishes.

    1. Post author

      Thanks Marisa! I hope you come back and visit often. Sometimes its the little things that make the biggest impact. Fighting depression is hard, but so much better when you have support.


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