Fiction Friday: On the Surface’s Abby

It is time for Fiction Friday! I am going to take you back to my novella this week, On the Surface. As you know, it is on Wattpad and doing quite well!


It has been up for 15 days now. I have 281 read, 48 votes and I am sitting at #224 on the Science Fiction chart for Wattpad. I’m not sure, but I think that sounds pretty darn good.

Another very interesting statistic is the demographics. Wattpad shows me a world map that marks where my books have been read. It is so cool. Right now it shows the U.S., of course and Canada. But also Great Britain, the Phillipines, India, Australia and Kenya! I am international.


If you are reading along, this installment you will meet Abby. She lives in Savannah, Georgia with her dad. They are going to play a very important part in the adventure. I went on a walk through Google this morning and found a picture that is pretty close to the way I visualize her.

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How I visualize Abby








She is smart, spunky, fun and fearless. I love her. She was so much fun to write.

On the Surface Chapter 7

Here it is. The next installment for your reading pleasure. By the way, if you haven’t read it yet because you aren’t sure what Wattpad is all about, let me break it down.

It is free to set up an account. There is a premium option that offers ad-free viewing and few minor perks. But it is completely functional in the free version.

You do not have to write anything. It is a group for readers and writers to interact. You can vote for stories you like by clicking the star in the upper right (please do!) and you can leave comments. No, the author will not think you are a nuisance. We LOVE to hear what you think!

On The Surface by ladyhawke70x7

That wraps up this week’s Friday Fiction. Have you read On the Surface yet? What do you think so far?




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