Fiction Friday: Da’Rovian Arlandro

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Fiction Friday, which is actually on Friday this week! Yay! Today I am sharing the Character Sheet for Da’Rovian, Ka’leitria’s best friend and sidekick in Songcrafter, my fantasy fiction trilogy (and advanced info. for you, Da’Ro will be the main character in book 3, The Skyborne!)

Character Sketch

Without further ado, meet Da’Rovian Arlandro!

fantasy fiction

Photo by harpreetbatish via Pixabay

Role in Story: MC’s best friend

Occupation: Apprentice to the Woodcrafter

Physical Description: Short dark hair, brown eyes, medium height and build, killer smile, responsible

Personality: Loyal, protective, sense of humor, loves nature, animals, expert in woodlore. Self-possessed and rarely worried about the opinions of others.


Background: Has been best friends with Ka’leitria since they were lost together when they were around 4 yo. Son of the village goatsherd, he has 3 younger brothers. Until his apprenticeship, he worked for his mother in the goat barn. His father died several years ago, so he has been acting as the man of the house for his mother and brothers.

Internal Conflicts: His loyalty to Ka’leitria vs. His love for his family

External Conflicts: Conflict with the Pryfacta over Ka’leitria


Visit Ka’leitria’s Character Sketch here.

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